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De RocketROI a Rocket Digital: Así serán los servicios del nuevo Rocket.

Looking ahead to 2021, RocketROI will adopt a rebranding that includes, among other elements, a new name (Rocket Digital), a new color palette and a renewed logo. But this is just the tip of the iceberg; among the most relevant changes, it is worth mentioning the expansion and diversification of the company's areas of expertise. 

We culminated an expansion that began several years ago and also provided the business lines with their own character. Now with new departments and structures, the work areas of the new Rocket Digital include:

  • Rocket ROI: Advertising in digital media can be a convenience. Doing it right can make a difference. At Rocket ROI, we build paid media models that are based on continuous learning and technification. Our campaign architectures and results optimization are the result of years of experience: the results back us up. We work in Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic, Native Ads, Audio Ads, Influencers and Community Management.

  • Rocket Tech: Technology moves fast. Fortunately, so are we. Keeping your technology needs up to date and aligned with your business is key. In addition, establishing an impeccable digital presence can be a decisive change to increase sales. At Rocket Tech, we can create, adapt or reinvent your digital product to make it more usable, more efficient or to generate unique user experiences. We work in Web Development, CRM-ERP, Ecommerce Development and Landing Pages.

  • Rocket Retail: At Rocket Retail, we are your digital retail partner to diversify your sales channels internationally, and to build and consolidate your showcases outside your ecommerce. We study and analyze which sources generate the most value with an end-to-end approach, accompanying you from take-off to landing, from the integration of your catalog to the development of new lines of business. We work in Audit & benchmarking, Consulting, Brand Strategy, Product Page Optimization, Advertising Management and Retail Tech.

  • Rocket Studio: The world doesn't need another brand. What people need are brands that actually do something for them, and that demonstrate it through what they do, not just what they say. At Rocket Studio we craft effective strategies, powerful identities and memorable experiences: everything a brand needs to stand out, be relevant and create unique and real connections with its audiences and communities. We work on Brand Identity, Digital Content, Copywriting and UI/UX Design.

  • Rocket Data-CRO: They say that data is the gold of our time. We prefer to say that it is the use you make of this information that makes the difference. That's why at Rocket Data-CRO, we have created a team of data-lovers who know perfectly how to collect, read, interpret and convert this data into valuable insights that translate into action plans that will optimize processes and improve your business. We work in campaign measurement, CRO, user experience and Tag Management.

  • Rocket SEO: Technology moves fast. Luckily, so are we. At Rocket SEO we believe that keeping your technology needs up to date, in place and strategic will set the foundation for a successful business. In addition, establishing an excellent online presence can change the entire paradigm of your business. We can create, adapt or reinvent your digital product to make it easier to manage, more enjoyable to generate positive UX and more effective in terms of organic positioning. We work in SEO Consulting and Audit, On-Off Page, Link Building and Content Strategy.

With these new changes, Rocket will face 2021 with more strength than ever, to continue providing the best service to our customers.

If you believe that our team of specialists can help you consolidate or improve the digital strategy of your business, do not hesitate to contact us!


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