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Google & ROCKETROI present "Google Export Workshop: International Growth"

16 ENERO, 2020

Yesterday was a day full of learning, inspiration and moments of exchange that left us with a lot of energy and motivation to grow beyond our borders (literally!). Together with Google, we organized a training morning to empower our partners who want to explore new horizons of international growth.

Thanks to this exclusive event, we gave them the opportunity to discover the secrets and fundamental tools of a digital international expansion strategy. Without further introductions, here is a summary of the "Google Partners Workshop: International Growth", brought to our lucky partners by the explosive combination of our team and Google's team.

We started the morning with an introduction to Google's Export Program for Agencies, which aims to inspire and provide agencies to position themselves as experts in internationalization, and thus help their clients in growth and expansion projects thanks to their 360° knowledge.

We continue with an exploration of the motivations and advantages for which companies opt for internationalization, such as local market saturation, the possibility of diversifying revenue sources and the ambition for rapid growth.

After an analysis of the current situation and the evolution of the export sector in Spain, we came to a conclusion - the internationalization process should cover at least two steps:

1) Planning and prioritizing opportunities and.

2) Building the brand abroad.

From there, we began to recount the Digital Export Journey - from identifying opportunities and assessing barriers to entry, to designing advertising solutions, measuring and scaling.

In the first phase of Opportunity Identification we saw how the various tools provided by Google - Google Trends, Market Finder, Google Analytics, Market Explorer - facilitate the process of market prioritization.

Thanks to a Demo, we were able to see how the Market Explorer tool works, which offers a unique combination of data needed to design international strategies.

What are the steps to grow a company internationally? How do you measure the distance - cultural, administrative, geographic and economic - between two countries? And finally, what are the strategies to successfully enter new markets thanks to Google Ads? In the last part of the presentation, we answer these key questions and finish the Export Journey talking about how to maximize the advertising investment in each phase.

After the theory and a short break, it was time to get down to work with a workshop so that each participant in the event could, with the help of our experts and other participants, identify the reasons, opportunities and challenges of the international expansion process.

It was a very interesting and enriching exercise, as each participant had the opportunity to share his or her perspective and experience, as well as to learn from others.

Finally, through a round table with the participation of Carlos Molinet from Exoticca, Juan Castillo from Guruwalk and Gautier Casimir from Compactor, we were able to hear the direct experience of companies that have already successfully internationalized.

In conclusion, after this day full of learning, we have expanded our know-how in the field of internationalization and the necessary advertising strategies to carry it out successfully.

For our part, we are proud to be one of the 5 Spanish agencies chosen as part of Google's export program. We have the privilege of having access to exclusive tools (such as Market Explorer) to perform more detailed analysis and identify better growth opportunities for our clients at an international level. For this reason, it has been a great pleasure to share our experience and the benefits presented by the program to all our interested (and ambitious!) partners.

Thanks to all the participants and thanks to Google for their continued support and trust. See you at the next event - and in the meantime, if you're planning to expand your business internationally, you know where to find us! 🙂


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