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How to increase sales and brand presence YoY

We present the Robin Case Study, in which thanks to the combined Paid Search and Paid Social strategy carried out by Rocket Digital specialists, the brand's national and international presence was increased and overall YoY results improved.



The Robin Collection brand was founded in 2012 in Barcelona. Inspired by the essence of Mediterranean style fused with Californian style, it is dedicated to creating bikinis and swimming costumes that are characterised by their high quality and originality in their colours, textures, prints and unique designs. Their catalogue also includes accessories and beachwear, and since 2022 they have opened a menswear line, which includes swimming costumes and T-shirts.


Robin turned to Rocket Digital with the aim of reaching a larger number of users and expanding its presence in both the national and international market, making the brand known in other countries (France and Portugal) in order to become a global brand.


Broad and Specific Audiencies

For the international strategy, we worked with generic audiences (broad), as the objective was to attract more customers. However, for the strategy in the Spanish market, we worked with specific audiences (interests), as brand awareness was consolidated and part of the target was already loyal.

Actions and progressive strategy

The brand's main product is bikinis, so the busiest season is from March (when the new collection is launched) until the end of September. This period of time was the focus of a large part of the strategy, specially designed to be implemented progressively: during the first few months, actions were carried out to attract new users; and then, as the hottest months approached, the focus was placed on expanding audiences and reaching a more qualified public.

Expansion on platforms

It is worth highlighting the importance of optimising the creatives and formats for each country (the brand provided adaptations in the language of the country in question); as well as the rotation of the ads so as not to saturate the user, in addition to pushing the launch of specific new collections during the year.

In view of the good results obtained, it was decided to start working on the brand's presence on other platforms such as TikTok Ads, with the aim of continuing to make the brand known to a greater number of users, especially during the high season.









Gracias a la estrategia de los especialistas de Rocket Digital, en Mayo de 2023, Paid Social es el segundo canal de adquisición de nuevos usuarios (casi un 23% del total). 

Con una inversión similar al año anterior, se consigue llegar a un mayor número de usuarios, incrementar las sesiones en el ecommerce, los Add to Cart y las compras, con una mejora del ROAS respecto a mayo de 2022.

El hecho de poder trabajar con el soporte de diferentes canales digitales ha facilitado a la marca su cobertura en varios mercados y plataformas. Teniendo en cuenta que la marca venía de un histórico en el cual se trabajaba solo su presencia en España y a través de Meta, la diversificación de canales y la entrada en nuevos países ha facilitado que los resultados hayan mejorado y que el crecimiento vaya a ser una realidad a corto plazo.

Work with us

At Rocket Digital we are committed to a personalised Paid Social service.
With our help, you will be able to start the advertising campaign of your business on the main social platforms with the support of a team with expertise to address all the important aspects for success.

Rocket Digital specialists are in constant contact with the client during each phase of the digital strategy. We know each client in depth in order to offer solutions adapted to the objectives, capabilities and needs of the brand. Each of the proposals and strategies to be carried out is validated with the Marketing and Ecommerce department of the brand, always offering our global vision of the trends and actions that may be most appropriate.

I feel like Rocket is part of the team, in the best sense: we work together on ad creation, copy, analyse results and iterate to continue to maintain and even exceed metrics.

Sandra Prieto - Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce


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