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We work hand in hand with the Shopify team to deliver the best possible experience within the vast capabilities of the Shopify ecosystem. We are certified Plus Partners thanks to the quality of our work.

The perfect project scope for the perfect Shopify 

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Our Product Design & SEO teams craft the perfect match between functionality and aesthetic, always with your business goals as a reference. All our projects include a curated UX/UI and SEO-friendly sitemap and architecture.


Development & Integrations

We take care of the code. We are a company with a tech origin and we want to ensure that every single front-back code line is perfectly executed. We are also pretty good with integrations : ), the Shopify ecosystem is our home.

Shopify Setup & Consulting

We advise you on the ideal setup for your shopify. We guide you through the Shopify environment so that you choose the ideal setup for your business and all the main aspects of ecommerce are perfectly aligned. Work with Shopify Markets for your international strategy, select the ideal applications for your logistics, payments or integrations.

Whats next? We cover full cycle of your ecommerce

SEO for Shopify

Analytics for Shopify

Marketing for Shopify

Growth? Ok, but sustainable growth sounds better. We are one of the most important Google, Meta & Microsoft partners around EMEA for one reason, performance. Our multi award-winning team is ready to work with you for increasing your revenue.

It is critical for any ecommerce to be able to analyze each step of their funnel and the actions they take. Our team tags the complete site and prepares all the tools to measure and analyze through Google Analytics 4 or the different options of dashboards and Business Intelligence.

Shopify Black Box? Our SEO team is specialized in making the most of the options that Shopify offers to position your business organically. From UX/UI to migration it is very important to coordinate with SEO specialists to take advantage of Shopify's potential.

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