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Cómo Generar Leads Con Facebook

Many companies from different sectors have seen that lead generation ads bring them great value: they allow them to identify potential customers to whom they can share relevant information in the near future.

Thus, some of the benefits are:

  1. Finding new potential customers who are interested in your products or services.

  2. Understanding more about the needs and interests of users.

  3. Get users to sign up for your newsletter, service or program.

In Facebook we have 3 ways to generate leads:

Through the web form.

In this case it is advisable that it is mobile-friendly and that the user can fill out the form from the client's website. It is not necessary the help of a developer but the use of the pixel is necessary in order to optimize your campaigns to complete registration or lead in order to measure the performance. 

Through lead ads

In this case, leads are obtained from the same FB or IG platform. It is very easy for the user to send the form since he/she is in front of a pre-filled form with his/her information; in this case it is recommended to customize the form as much as possible in order to get the most qualified leads possible.

Through Messenger

Messenger ads allow you to contact potential customers through chat; you can qualify the lead through different questions easily created from Ads manager.

Lead qualification

With these ad formats you can collect a variety of information from customers: from their name, phone number, email or address, to being able to ask them "tailored" questions relevant to your business. In all cases, it is always advisable to ask the customer to fill in the fields that are significant for the company, and to ask those questions that allow us to qualify the lead internally, from hotter to colder, in order to follow up appropriately according to the point in the funnel where they are. 

It is recommended not to ask unnecessary questions, to limit open questions, to include a brief explanation of your product/service before or after sending the form and in the case of lead ads: customize the "thank you" page with a clear call-to-action and add a "review screen". The latter allows users to check all the information before it is sent, which will result in getting those leads with greater intentionality.


Another aspect to take into account are the creativities, that is to say: it is so important the questions that we are going to ask in our form, being the most qualified for us, as well as to build an appropriate messaging and storytelling. This will be decisive for the user to click and then fill in the information.

The purpose of working on the creative approach is to maximize the quality of the lead. We have to transmit confidence to the user so that he/she takes action, highlight our benefit within the ad, use the discovery mindset (arouse the user's curiosity) and connect with our audience. That is to say, that with creativity they can understand what we want to convey.

Creative checklist

As a creative checklist we recommend: 

  1. Follow brand guidelines

  2. Mix static formats with video

  3. Make the brand/logo visible at the beginning.

  4. Design the videos to be understood without sound

  5. Adapt the size of the ad according to the placement (1:1, 4:5, 9:16) and 

  6. Have a clear and concise message.

Prioritization of leads

Finally, we must take action and prioritize the leads. We can work with an integrated CRM in real time, with the integration of the FB API or you can download the customer information with a CSV file from your page. We must prioritize the treatment of leads, based on their intent, personalizing messages and preparing an appropriate communication flow for each type of user.


To conclude, ask the right questions and you will have the desired leads. Being able to get the necessary information from our future customer is the beginning of the funnel. Then we have to follow a personalized strategy to enrich the user experience so that the company can achieve its final purpose: to close its business objective.


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