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⚡︎ Strategy and Consulting

We analyze your goals and business model, conduct a market and competition study, and identify opportunities in your inventory across the best sales channels. Ready to sell on marketplaces? Let us advise you!

⚡︎ Organic Positioning (SEO)

Reach the top search results with our algorithmic feed creation techniques based on up-to-date purchase intent and competition data tailored to each marketplace.

⚡︎ Advertising & Marketing

Boost your sales strategically and scalably through advertising campaigns and other relevant actions on the leading marketplaces with a strategy tailored to your brand's objectives.

⚡︎ Brand Awareness

Enhance your brand's reach and improve the user experience on each marketplace. Showcase your best and build loyalty with your entire audience.

⚡︎ Technology

Technology is in our DNA; with it, we increase the visibility of your business results, dynamically optimize advertising strategies, automate review requests, and obtain high-value strategic data to maximize your brand's profits.

Empower your business with total


We are an Official Partner of:


As members of the Official Amazon Service Provider Network, we offer you exclusive access to resources, news, and essential events to keep you ahead. Our Amazon-certified team provides specialized support to optimize your strategy and boost your success.


Maximize your presence on Amazon Seller Central and maintain full control over your pricing, brand, and logistics. Ensure your business is perfectly positioned for success on Amazon with a meticulous strategy that covers all aspects.


Becoming a supplier to Amazon changes the rules of the game: now Amazon is your direct customer. This new scenario requires a different strategy, where similarities with other selling models do not guarantee success, and uncertainties can be overwhelming.

Maximize your presence on Miravia with our privileged access to exclusive resources, key updates, promotions, and events. With the assistance of our expert team, optimize your strategies and maximize your significant impact and performance.

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  • Why do you need a team of marketplace experts for your project?
    Our team transforms challenges into opportunities. We master the complexities of the marketplaces to elevate your project quickly and accurately. Our listing optimization strategies, smart pricing strategies, advertising and Brand Awareness are the result of years of multi-sector experience and key to increasing the chances of success of your project. With our expertise, your sales and online presence will reach new horizons.
  • Discover how to diversify your sales with our team of experts
    Explore new growth opportunities with our digital marketing specialists. Our agency provides the expertise you need to diversify your sales channels, from online strategies to innovative tactics. Maximise your reach and increase your revenue with the support of our team of sales experts.
  • Why choose Rocket Digital as an agency to work on your marketplace strategy?
    Rocket Digital is the ideal choice to boost your strategy in marketplaces due to our experience and comprehensive approach not only in the marketplaces channel, but also taking into account your entire business model and the ability to respond to your 360 needs in the digital area. with our SEO, Analytics, Paid Search, Paid Social, SMO, CRM, Studio or web construction services. Our track record includes numerous success stories in a wide range of sectors, demonstrating our versatility and ability to adapt to any type of project you present to us. Trust Rocket Digital to obtain solid results and take your business to the next level in the marketplaces.
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