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Building a leading brand

We present the Olistic Case Study, where thanks to Rocket Digital's strategy, a leading brand was created from scratch in the market in just 2 years.



Founded in early 2021 by Pedro Luis González Atienza and Pablo Nueno, Olistic is a leading global innovator of cutting-edge nutraceutical solutions to promote hair health, positioning itself as the number one selling brand in the Spanish market.

It has achieved this by developing vegan and natural products backed by science, with an innovative and disruptive brand, marketing and sales strategy.

Olistic is a 100% Rocket Digital project, where our specialists applied some of our exclusive methodologies for the creation and growth of digital business models.



With a constant dedication to research, clinical studies and marketing, Olistic was conceived with the intention of revolutionising the nutraceutical market and establishing a new category of "Digital Nutraceuticals" through the use of medical grade botanicals.

The goals were ambitious from day one: to reach €1.5 million in sales in the first year, and to scale up to €10 million in sales in the second year.


360° Digital Business Consulting

Building brand awareness

Building the brand
Increase brand and product awareness among the target audience (marketing and advertising strategies).

Strategic business approach

A marketing and sales control plan and scorecard was designed to quantitatively define the main macro objectives, micro-objectives and performance indicators to evaluate the progress of the strategies, making continuous adjustments and improvements.

Sales growth

Specific sales growth targets (revenue and units sold) were set, and marketing and sales strategies were developed to achieve them (expansion of the customer base, retention of existing customers, improvement of average purchase value...).

Customer loyalty

Targets were set for customer retention (subscription rate, customer loyalty, etc.) and customer loyalty and customer care programmes were developed to strengthen the relationship with consumers.

Market differentiation

Set objectives to differentiate the brand from the competition by identifying Olistic's competitive advantages (exclusive ingredients, medical certifications, unique value proposition) and communicating them to customers.

Digital Action

Objectives related to the brand's digital presence were established (traffic to the website, improve search engine positioning, increase the follower base on social networks...) to obtain a solid digital presence.

Consumer education

Nutraceuticals require consumer education so that customers understand their benefits and how to use them correctly. To this end, we developed educational materials, training programmes and participated in awareness-raising events to educate customers and create a solid knowledge base about the products.

Evaluation and optimisation

Objectives were set related to measuring and monitoring results, identifying areas for improvement and implementing the necessary corrective actions to optimise marketing and sales strategies.

Servicio al cliente

Targets related to customer satisfaction were set (obtaining high customer satisfaction ratings, effectively handling customer queries or complaints, ensuring an overall satisfactory shopping experience...).

Leader in search



1. A complete digital product stack was created, consisting of, among other assets, the creation of the "Olistic" brand and all its applications. The design and development of the ecommerce platform was created with Shopify as a strategic partner, as well as the entire analytics strategy and optimisation of results and conversion rate optimisation.


2. A leading brand was created: In just 2 years, the Olistic brand was positioned as the number 1 hair care brand in the media, ahead of major competing brands such as Pantene, Pilexil or Kérastase, surpassing them in Google searches and reaching +100,000 followers on Instagram.


3. Business plan targets were exceeded (+30,000 units sold in 2021 and +200,000 in 2022).

Work with us

Working with Rocket Digital as your partner in digital strategy is a guarantee of success. We have a highly skilled team with extensive experience in the digital field. Our up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends, best practices and emerging technologies will be applied to your business, giving you a competitive advantage. We will assess your business needs and consider both the costs and benefits of the project to help you make an informed decision on your digital operations.

The path to success has been charted together with Rocket Digital, our strategic partner, whose ongoing support has been instrumental in the expansion of the brand.

Pablo Nueno - CEO 

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