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Cross-channel heroes in the COVID-19 era with +120% in visits and +115% in revenues

In a crisis situation like the one caused by COVID-19, companies need a shrewd and quick plan to adapt the way they manage their business and communication with customers. This is particularly true in the sectors most affected by the current difficult conditions, such as tourism and catering.

The partner in question is an ecommerce company that sells professional catering materials and furniture. In the period between February and March, it recorded almost 60% less turnover than in the same period of the previous year.

How to react, how to reinvent itself, which channels to choose to do so?

The partner quickly got organized in the marketing of new product lines in March. And so did ROCKETROI, implementing a cross-channel strategy, able to support the launch of protection and prevention products, as well as a line of kitchen items, aiming to give strength to the B2C segment.

There were two channels to leverage in synergy to boost the partner's new positioning: Social Ads and Google Ads.

Let's look at them in detail.

Social Ads

1. New brand positioning: we used both FB and IG to cover the B2C segment, expanding the partner's scope of action, which was previously focused on the B2B market.

2. New creative in prospecting: we worked on new creative aimed at showcasing the new category of items (this time more focused on the B2C market than the typical B2B oriented one). The message fits the new images and is clear and sober.

3. Audience: by changing the partner's usual target audience, the audience is deeply reworked and tested on a daily basis.

4. Dynamic RTG: we lay the foundations to close the highest number of sales on social channels. We collect and work the quality traffic generated by prospecting and by contemporary actions performed by Google through sales-oriented actions. The creatives show the products and the price associated with them in a sober way. The message is promotional, including a discount code to make these sales-oriented actions even more effective.

5. Lead Ads: FB/IG Feed, Messenger and Whatsapp help us identify new potential buyers. In this case, however, the goal is to help the sale by creating a communication channel for information exchange and push actions to finalize the sale.

Period of analysis: April 6 - May 6 VS March 6 - April 6.

Results: In FB Business Manager there is a 99% increase in investment accompanied by a 229% increase in the number of transactions generated on the website. The ROAS obtained shows an increase of 46%.

Also in Google Analytics, social campaigns show positive signs in last click conversions generated by this platform. +226% in transactions and +143% in revenue achieved.

Google Ads 

Considering the strength of its brand, the partner has always had high levels of organic and direct sales. New circumstances have made the challenges in Google's traffic channels clear.


1. Identification of the most relevant keywords: action carried out through Ahrefs, Google Search Console and Google Trends.

2. Optimization of results: increase in impression share and ad quality for high CTR levels, which made it possible to establish an ideal average CPC to generate conversions in an economically profitable way.

3. Bidding strategy: objective conversions.


1. Homogeneous feed: creation of campaigns with only products related to the current health crisis, to stimulate Google's algorithm and optimize this range of products.

2. Diversification of smart bidding strategies: we combine "Target Roas" and "Maximize Conversion Value" techniques to find the optimal strategy to use.

3. Highly reactive budget adjustment: we have adjusted the daily investment to always find the optimal balance between supply and demand.

Dizzying results! These techniques have led to a 137% increase in the number of new users, and the interest of the latter has proven to find a solution among the site's offers with a 248% increase in Google Ads revenue.

Conclusions and Recommendations

After implementing the new strategy, the partner has achieved an increase in on-site revenue from all channels (direct, organic, social, paid) of +115%.

"Out of every crisis comes opportunity."

It is inevitable that a company will go through periods of economic downturn, even more so if the reasons for it are not under the company's direct control as was the case with COVID-19. Deciding how to handle the crisis is decisive.

At ROCKETROI we do this through 3 phases:

  • Adaption

  • Sinergy

  • Evolution

The cross-channel has been fundamental. Precisely thanks to the application of these principles we were able to work with total transparency internally and with our partner, and in this way we were able to emerge from the crisis taking advantage of all the opportunities necessary to evolve.

"Solid and lasting results are achieved together."


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