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Rocket and Ofichairs: Increasing organic traffic through performance analysis

Ofichairs, a young eCommerce specialized in the office chairs market, manages to improve its organic results thanks to the help of Rocket Digital, implementing a strategy based on content optimization and performance analysis in Google's search engine.


"Ofichairs is a young eCommerce company in the office chairs and armchairs sector. It specializes in selling products such as office chairs, gamer chairs, work from home chairs, etc.

THE GOAL: gain visibility and compete with the big players was created at the end of 2019. From the moment the website was launched until mid-March, organic traffic remained low, with no upward or downward spikes.

On March 16, the number of organic sessions went up significantly because of the increased demand for telecommuting chairs, coinciding with the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rocket Digital started implementing the first SEO actions in early 2020. The main objective was to gain visibility on Google for the brand and make it compete with older and stronger companies.


Based on the business objectives and the client's internal resources, Rocket Digital developed an SEO strategy that combined both technical actions and content tasks. The main KPI's taken into account were the following:

  1. Organic traffic

  2. Organic impressions

  3. Average position of main keywords

  4. Organic transactions

After doing an analysis of the website and determining the actions needed to drive growth, the Rocket team defined the main priorities for the brand. As the website was not very large, the decision was made to start with the implementation of technical quick wins, and then follow with content actions that would help the brand gain more authority in terms of the Google search engine.

The strategy was structured in the following phases:

  1. Quick Wins: In the quick wins phase, the Rocket team detected and solved certain issues that were present on the website, such as robots.txt, sitemap and canonical tags. We also fixed errors in Google Search Console, and optimized the snippets (titles and meta-descriptions).

  2. Keyword research and content: After implementing the quick actions, we proceeded to optimize the content. Based on the main keyword analysis, the Rocket team changed the names of some categories, expanded the on-page content on landing pages and optimized the content hierarchy by adding secondary keywords. At the same time, a new dedicated page was created, titled "telecommuting chairs", following the perception of the growing demand among people starting to work remotely since the declaration of the state of alarm. 

  3. Interlinking: After carrying out the previously mentioned actions, we entered the performance analysis phase of the existing pages. In this phase, the pages with the best conversion rate were detected, which were prioritized through interlinking from the home page. On the other hand, the log files were analyzed to check how Google users access the URLs. With this, it was detected that, before entering commercial pages, users tend to enter blog articles first. To help discover the most relevant pages for the business, the Rocket team expanded the content of the articles and linked to the relevant business pages. 

  4. Competitor analysis: A benchmark of Ofichairs' main competitors was created. Competitors with less organic authority were detected, making a list of the main keywords through which they get more visibility. Based on this list, Ofichairs' content was optimized according to these keywords.

  5. Black Friday: Relevant keywords related to Black Friday were detected. A landing page was created with content optimized for these keywords. To boost it, an article was created in the blog with a link to the landing page; and simultaneously several articles were published in online magazines related to the offers Ofichairs was offering for the occasion.

  6. Blog optimization: SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) functionalities were detected for keywords relevant to the business. Frequently asked questions were defined, as well as other informational queries with higher search volume or lower level of competition; and articles were created dedicated to each of them.

THE RESULTS: Significant increase in organic visibility

  1. Thanks to this strategy, an improvement in the organic positions of the main keywords was achieved. In January 2020, 12-13% of KWs were displayed on the first search page, while 16-17% were displayed on the second page. In December 2020, 19-20% of KWs were displayed on the first page, and 30% on the second page.

  2. The number of organic sessions grew by more than 250% in December 2020 compared to December of the previous year.

  3. A stable growth in organic traffic is observed during 2020, with peaks in April-May because of the increase in demand for telecommuting chairs; and also at the end of November, thanks to the optimization of the website on the occasion of Black Friday.

Why work with us?

Rocket has a multidisciplinary team, expert in all aspects necessary to carefully plan and carry out a complete and effective online strategy in order to boost sales on your business website, as well as on all digital platforms. With a team with extensive experience in leading companies such as Mango, Stradivarius or Desigual, Rocket Digital adapts to the needs of each client to design a plan focused on improving the conversion rate of your website.

If these results have convinced you and you think that our team of specialists can help you improve the organic results of your eCommerce, do not hesitate to contact us!


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