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Rocket and Kaotiko: Increasing sales through social ads

Kaotiko, the clothing brand, achieved outstanding results in its online sales thanks to the help of Rocket Digital, and the implementation of a strategy based on 3 actions: traffic generation, audience leveraging and internationalization. Through the implementation of these three steps during the Black Friday season, the company experienced a rapid and considerable increase in sales and revenue.

THE STORY: KAOTIKO, the original urban clothing brand "made in BCN".

Kaotiko is a Spanish fashion brand founded in 1999 in Barcelona. Under the slogan "Be Real, Be Kaotiko", the brand aims to instill genuine streetwear attitude in every garment they design and produce.

THE GOAL: to boost online sales

Due to the restrictions resulting from the pandemic, Kaotiko was one of thousands of brands that suffered the closure of all its physical stores in Spain. To compensate for the inevitable loss of revenue resulting from the closure of its stores, Kaotiko contacted Rocket Digital with the objective of massively boosting the brand's online sales for one of its occasional fashion sales: Black Friday.


Kaotiko worked together with Rocket Digital to design and execute a campaign strategy characterized by three main actions:

  1. Action 1: Generate consistent, high-quality traffic to the online store. The Rocket Digital team selected core audiences and segmented them according to their interests, behavior and demographic traits. Kaotiko sought to generate large, quality traffic to the website by creating engaging images with brand and product imagery. At the same time, the brand ran automated campaigns using the catalog for prospecting purposes, stimulating consideration and intent.

  2. Action 2: Leveraging accumulated traffic to drive purchases. Here, our team of experts ran a series of campaigns across all social media locations, leaving the choice of the most profitable to the algorithm. A combination of custom audiences, high-quality mimics and engaged users ensured a high conversion rate, thus optimizing ROAS. In addition, the Rocket Digital team displayed tailored link ads for each location, showcasing Black Friday promotions with clear call to action; which substantially increased CTR. In addition, Rocket Digital also ran automated campaigns according to the catalog's sales target, using photo ads in carroussel formats.

  3. Action 3: International export. This action aimed to replicate the aforementioned approach at an international level, in 5 different countries. In this case, Rocket Digital took advantage of a cross-border targeting to locate international look-alikes. 

In the overall process, Rocket Digital used campaign budget optimization. This ensured that ads were shown in those locations with the highest likelihood of generating results, while the budget was automatically optimized across the ad sets with the highest sales potential.

THE RESULTS: Sales in an instant

With its clever, relatively short campaign, Kaotiko made great strides in generating low-cost, high-value sales during a critical promotional period. By the end of November 2020, the Black Friday campaign achieved the following results:

  1. 170% increase in total YoY spend.

  2. 167% increase in CTR YoY

  3. 105% increase in YoY revenue

  4. 77% increase in the number of conversions


Segmenting audiences and locating personalized social ads in the channels most relevant to them is essential to generate impact and channel traffic, having a significant impact on the final sales of the business.

Rocket demonstrates this with the case of Kaotiko, in which they managed to improve their online sales results through a customized strategy and a fast and effective implementation.

Why work with us?

Rocket has a multidisciplinary team, expert in all aspects necessary to carefully plan and carry out a complete and effective online campaign in order to boost your business sales on all digital platforms. With a team with extensive experience in leading companies such as Mango, Stradivarius or Desigual, Rocket adapts to the needs of each client to design a plan focused on improving the conversion rate of your website.

If these results have convinced you and you believe that our team of specialists can help you boost your business' online sales, don't hesitate to contact us!


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