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How to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and reduce your ROAS variability

If you're reading this article, it's because you're probably facing a popular problem that many businesses (regardless of size) encounter when trying to scale the effectiveness of their social ads.

In short, you're having a stable daily spend on your campaigns, accompanied by a solid return on ad spend (ROAS). "It's time to increase the daily budget and see volumes increase while keeping my business healthy", you would say... In theory that works, but we know that most of the time the reality is not what we expected. On the contrary, what usually happens is an increase in expenses and volumes, but accompanied by a decrease in ROAS.

Increased investment does not always coincide with an increase in ROAS.

Facebook's algorithm doesn't like big changes, and suddenly increasing the budget by 10x, or even just doubling it, will cause Facebook to go into "shock" and disrupt your ad optimization. More money means more potential reach, but this increased reach does not necessarily lead to the same results achieved so far, even if the audience targeting used is the same. 

The solution: international diversification of social ads.

All things considered, we understand that increasing daily ad spend is not a healthy option if we have strict targets in terms of ROAS. Here, international diversification comes to our rescue because taking your winning social ad strategy and applying it to another country can potentially work very well. In addition, 27% of consumers say they use Facebook to discover foreign brands and products, more than any other digital platform.

Overall, our approach is to expand your sales funnel by tapping into successful overseas audiences by exploring new profitable markets. 

With FB ads, we have the right tools to pursue this objective: 

  1. Cross-border targeting: with the targeting tool, you can choose the target area for your ads. In this case, it will be the specific area of the world you want to explore and potentially exploit to increase your reach. This international targeting determines where FB will show your ads.

  2. International Lookalike Audiences: one of the biggest and most powerful tools to carry out this strategy. Basically, you can create lookalike audiences in other countries based on your current type of customers. You just need to provide Facebook with a list of existing customers (gathering this information through your pixel or a CRM file), and a similar audience will be created but this time adapted for another country. 

  3. Dynamic Language Optimizer: This tool will deliver your ads in languages relevant to the people viewing them, anywhere in the world. This means that there is no need to create multiple ad sets for each language and apply audience targeting by language.

What can you get?

By properly mixing the three tools mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to apply your winning social ads strategy abroad. The direct results will be: 

  • Explore new markets for your business

  • Expand your potential reach

  • Acquire new customers, eventually with even greater buying power.

  • Finally, expand your business, keeping your ROAS healthy. 

Everything is ready, now is the time to generate social ads capable of delighting your next customers all over the world. 

In respect to that, we also suggest setting different KPIs for each country or group of countries you work with. We tell you this because we know that some of them will be quicker to respond positively to your ads, while others will take longer. However, by applying a diversification strategy, you will be able to strategically fix your marketing efforts on what works best, absorbing the initial poor results obtained with other countries. In the end, it is always a question of balance.

If you need advice on your Social Media strategy, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of specialists!


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