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Social Media and Paid Search: Creating Synergies Between Complementary Channels

Nowadays, there are still advertisers who, when they think about their business strategy, do not see it as a whole or as a global one. In many cases they continue to work the channels separately, when what really nurtures and enriches a good marketing strategy is the connection between departments and people. For this reason from ROCKETROI we have decided to make a post about this.

When we get involved in a project, we adopt a 360º vision of it and we have very defined values, among them: transparency between teams, flexibility and innovation, which allows us to develop an ad hoc strategy for each client. All the specialists in each channel and each department have a common goal: our client's profitability.

Google and Facebook or Facebook and Google: Key channels for our business to take off and scale

According to 2019 data, Google processes about 3.5 billion searches per day and an average of 1.66 billion people enter Facebook daily (what are considered active users of the platform). With which, we can deduce that Facebook and Google are, respectively, the largest social network and search engine.

It is not a question of making a choice between Facebook ads or Google ads. Companies should use both channels to promote and sell their products: they have to create synergies between them, they are channels that complement each other. When the strategy is the right one and the common cross-channel objective is promoted, it allows advertisers to reap a series of benefits that will allow them to interact with a wider audience and as a direct consequence improve results.

We have to be at every step of the user's buying process: identify and meet their need, get their attention, make them understand that we are the best option and incentivize their purchase. Google Shopping ads are great for driving sales, but a consumer won't buy something until they realize they want it. Facebook ads can help consumers identify a need they have by creating impressions. Depending on the objective/type of campaign, both Facebook and Google can facilitate the intermediate steps of consumer decision making and ultimately, either through Shopping ads and/or FB Retargeting, the consumer will follow their "natural" path: compare products and buy.

We can see that both Facebook and Google ads guide consumers through the buying decision process in a seamless and natural way. 

For this reason, at ROCKETROI we promote this synergy between Social Media and Paid Search. The basic pillars on which we are guided are: 

Zero Friction

We have common objectives, team objectives, and we are profiles with a full-channel vision; we are totally agnostic in allocating budget in one channel or another. 

Cross Audiences

Communication is the basis for success, that's why teams work together and share all insights. One of our best practices is to share cross-channel audiences and nurture our Retargeting campaigns.

Message and creative

We have to create a storytelling, for this reason it is important that the Facebook headlines match the Google search keywords or that the copies of our Facebook ads are identified with the copies we have in the Google ads. In addition, we usually share the best ads between Display, Youtube and Social Ads in order to make the most of their performance.


Attribution is the great challenge of the digital era in strict terms, since it is the most valuable lever and at the same time the one in which we will have to invest more time and resources. We must understand the value of each of the acquisition channels and understand their function. In short, if we are able to correctly attribute the value of each of our actions with the user, we will be able to know their effectiveness, as well as effectively distribute the budget allocated to each of them.

In short, part of the key to success in projects are: people, communication between them and teamwork, which makes our goal in ROCKETROI is to build a positive social legacy for our client.


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