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3 ROCKETROI partners among the best Italian ecommerce according to La Repubblica

29 million Italians - half of the population - are regular ecommerce customers, a percentage well below the European average. However, the pandemic has accelerated the transformation to online shoppers of 2 million (in 2019 there were only 700,000) of these, who made their first online purchase during the confinement. The German Institute for Quality and Finance (Itqf) and La Repubblica conducted extensive research to determine the quality of Italian online stores and selected "the 500 best ecommerce in Italy" from a list of over 5000 candidates.

The sites in question were evaluated by a team of experts on the basis of 12 criteria in 5 areas of analysis:

  1. functionality-search,

  2. presentation-product,

  3. trust-security,

  4. purchase-delivery,

  5. service-communication.

Expert opinion accounted for 50% of the final evaluation, to which was added the score achieved in customer satisfaction, based on a maxi-survey of more than 350,000 interviews conducted online in May 2020.

We are proud to share the news of the success of 3 of our partners, who were positioned in the Top 4 of their respective categories.


How did they manage to gain the trust of their customers? How is it possible to emerge as a leader in online sales? What are the key aspects to consider? Here are some tips from the winners to stand out as an online store.

How have you managed to gain the trust of your customers? 

There is nothing better to gain the trust of customers than to work in the best possible way with passion and ambition. Those who design and manufacture the product, those who stock and ship it, those who provide customer service and those who promote it online are all representatives of a chain capable of creating enormous value for the end customer.

How is it possible to emerge as a leader in online sales? What are the key aspects to consider?

We believe in the quality and value of content. We have a creative team and an ecommerce department that work in close synergy to create high-impact content and promote it online in the best possible way. We like to convey emotions to our customers and share our brand identity and values.

Of course, a quality product that improves year after year is the focus of our company, and allows us to increase our credibility in this difficult sector.

How did you manage to gain the trust of your customers? 

Ristoattrezzature was born in 2011 and at that time, besides ours, there was only one ecommerce in the HO.RE.CA sector. From the first moment we tried to make the shopping experience as satisfactory as possible, supporting the customer from the request for a quote to the management of any problem. Over the years we have participated in dozens of trade shows that allow our customers to get to know our staff and our products, and we are committed to selecting with great care the products sold in our store.

How is it possible to emerge as a leader in online sales?

Maximum attention to customer needs, speedy delivery of an extensive catalog, products immediately available for shipment.

What are the key aspects to consider?

Price, quality, speed and customer service.

How have you managed to gain the trust of your customers? 

When our reality landed on the web we did not imagine that we would achieve the success we have today. A success achieved thanks to the constant and shared commitment of professionals in the world of air conditioning and heating. The long experience in the sector has allowed our employees to perfect their knowledge and skills over time. This, together with the enthusiasm to get involved in a project born 6 years ago, has allowed us to achieve an always efficient and quality service that we continue to offer daily through our e-commerce. Thanks to a customer service capable of providing information and solutions tailored to the user's needs, and to the choice of increasingly advanced products that make us competitive in the market, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers and receive numerous positive comments.

How is it possible to emerge as a leader in online sales?

Climamarket was an ambitious dream, a dream that we were able to realize thanks to meticulous, constant and far-sighted work. Today, we believe that to be leaders in the air conditioning sector it is necessary to give value above all to people, to take care of them by giving concrete answers to their questions and making them the protagonists of our business. More than sales, we care about those who choose us every day.

What are the key aspects to consider?

We are sure that to be competitive in the online market it is necessary to offer QUALITY. To be competitive only and exclusively with price is no longer enough. That is why a fast e-commerce, a rich and exhaustive range of products, secure payment methods, reliable and fast shipments and an efficient customer service are elements that Climamarket has decided to focus on and that today guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, even the most demanding ones.


Ensuring a 100% customer-centric shopping experience is essential today. Facilitating product research, offering incentives that reward loyalty, integrating online and offline offerings to create a seamless experience, maximizing shipping efficiency - there is almost no limit to the aspects to consider, and they all contribute to making an ecommerce more or less competitive.

If you are interested in how to optimize the online experience of your ecommerce customers, do not hesitate to contact us!


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