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Decalogue of Best Practices for your eCommerce on Valentine's Day

Come February 14, 2021, many couples will not be able to meet for dinner or have a date with that special someone, as the date marks; and in some cases, they won't even be able to exchange Valentine's Day details face-to-face. This is why the habits of these consumers will have to adapt to the pandemic circumstances; and online retail will play a crucial role.

But how can you make the most of this special date? Here are 10 tips that can help you increase sales and maximize your eCommerce profits on the most romantic day of the year:

  • Re-style your website. During the weeks leading up to February 14, modify the design of your eCommerce website with a theme in line with the holiday, to inform users who visit your online store about special Valentine's Day offers. Alternatively, you can create a temporary section with a special design; making a showcase of the products you want to promote for the date. If this doesn't suit you either, a promotional popup with offers or discount codes could be an easy solution for your case.

  • Promote your products early. Most consumers wait until February to make their Valentine's Day purchases; but it's your responsibility as a business owner to have promotions ready for when they do. Waiting too long can mean the loss of potential sales.

  • Highlight special promoted products. Consumers are often blocked when it comes to finding a special gift, so it can be a good idea to help them in their search by making a selection of a few items specific to the occasion.

  • Offer fast and free delivery. According to statistics, most Valentine's Day gifts are purchased less than a week before the date, which means the demand for fast and timely delivery will be especially significant. If you add free delivery as part of the promotion, your chances of sales will increase significantly. Another related practice is to display delivery times on your website. This will help your customers know if the products will be delivered on time for the date; and it will arouse a sense of urgency in your website visitors.

  • Offer a free gift wrapping service. This can be a decisive plus in your customer's purchase decision and even a short-term loyalty tool, as they will appreciate the detail of a special and careful packaging at no extra cost.

  • If you haven't done it yet (you should), it is crucial to optimize your eCommerce for Mobile Shopping; since most of the purchases, especially the unplanned ones, are made through the user's mobile device.

  • Effectively use keywords related to the Valentine's Day theme to improve your visibility on marketplaces and search engines; and make it easier for customers to find you.

  • Do content marketing prior to the date. Whether through newsletters, blog posts or social networks, creating themed content of interest to potential customers is a good idea to boost your sales. Some examples of interesting content are gift guides, date ideas, self-care tips (for singles), love stories... As a complement to this action, you can launch a countdown with the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining until Valentine's Day. You can accompany it with an offer for a limited time, to encourage users to place their orders before it expires.

  • Don't forget social media marketing. Related to the previous point, a good practice for your business on Valentine's Day is to promote your products through contests and sweepstakes on your social networks; accompanying it with influencer marketing or collaborations with other businesses/profiles complementary (not competitors) to your business. Both parties benefit, and it is a good way to attract new customers and make your business known to potential customers.

  • Practice multichannel marketing. There are several types of consumers, each with different shopping habits: some may prefer to find information online before going to the physical store; while others prefer quick online shopping. Either way, a multichannel marketing strategy allows you to support and interact with these customers in a more efficient way, giving them easy access to your products and facilitating payments. Don't miss opportunities to make your business visible to everyone by focusing on a single channel. Make sure your eCommerce strategy includes all channels: PPC, PLAs, content marketing, social media marketing... 

Starting to make a habit of these best practices, especially on holidays like this one, will make a significant change in the medium and long term both in sales and in the overall development of your eCommerce and customer base.

If you believe that our team of specialists can help you consolidate or improve the digital strategy of your business, do not hesitate to contact us!


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