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International Growth Program: How to expand your business to new markets

Rocket Digital is an Official Partner of one of the latest programs launched by Google: The International Growth Program (which includes only 200 agencies throughout Europe).

Being part of this innovative program accredits us as a consulting firm specialized in exploring new horizons of international growth and thus, helping companies to expand their business to other frontiers.

To do this, we use a series of tools and platforms provided directly by Google that allow us to carry out in-depth analyses both to improve penetration in the markets in which our clients already operate and, above all, to find new markets to penetrate through the digital channel.

During the process of internationalization and expansion of a company, language and logistical barriers are encountered, in addition to not having adequate knowledge of the country to make an optimal prioritization of markets.

How can we help your company with the international growth program?

Our clients will have the privilege of participating in one-to-one sessions with Google specialists, who will resolve any doubts or questions while offering personalized advice in various areas of business expansion to other markets.

These areas include:

1. Localization: Defining the target market based on industry and market trends. In fact, thanks to the data and technology of some platforms, we will be able to analyze search volumes, interest in the category, competition and growth of interest and thus decide which markets we want to reach.

2. Logistics: we will study together the best ways to plan your international logistics.

3. Payments: we will also look at the most common international payment types so that we are competitive from the start.

Spoiler alert:

  • Payscale

  • Paypal Credit

  • Stripe

  • Klarna

These are just a few of the companies that are integrated into the payment process offering the end consumer the option to pay in installments. Northern European companies use them on a large scale.

4. Customer service: We plan the international strategy to manage customer care and customer success.

5. Legal and Labor: Finally we will help you to understand the international market in which we operate, its taxes and laws, as well as the behavior of the labor market.

These consultancies are aimed at clients who want to expand to other markets, but also to companies consolidated in their sector and who want to look for improvement opportunities to continue growing in the same market.

Benefits of the International Growth program:

  • Useful data on foreign markets across a wide variety of industries and categories.

  • Direct and exclusive advice from Google's team of international growth experts.

  • Access to market analysis tools (Market Explorer) reserved for only a few agencies in the world.

  • Individual events and customized workshops from Google's European headquarters in Dublin.

Case Study: Ciclimattio

Ciclimattio is a leading Italian bicycle distributor. This company, a benchmark in its sector, wanted to expand its borders in Europe in addition to consolidating the 24 countries in the world in which it already operated.

What did Ciclimattio achieve with the International Growth Program?

  1. Expansion of the customer base and increase in turnover thanks to the consolidation of the business in foreign markets where it was already present.

  2. Launching in new countries generating an increasing number of sales.

  3. Speed of business growth and increased competitiveness.

The baseline metric was the increase in turnover to calibrate the audit.

After analyzing and implementing the suggested improvements, turnover increased by 15% globally compared to 2020 where we had already experienced exponential growth.

Why work with us?

Rocket has a multidisciplinary team, expert in all aspects necessary to carefully plan and carry out a complete and effective online campaign in order to boost your business sales on all digital platforms.

If you are thinking of making your business expand into international markets and you want Rocket Digital experts to help you implement your online strategy to achieve your goals, do not hesitate to contact us!


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