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Rocket and Abaden: How test & learn can double the conversion of your business

Abaden Dentistas managed to double conversion on their website thanks to the help of Rocket, and the implementation of a test & learn methodology. Through a redesign focused on simplicity and communication optimization, and tested through an A/B experiment, the company saw a 98% increase in lead generation on its website.

A little context: What is Abaden. The problem.

Abaden Dentistas is an independent chain of dental clinics with eight centers in Catalonia. With more than 35 years of experience, its team is made up of professionals highly specialized in implantology, periodontics, prosthetics, endodontics and other general treatments; offering a high quality service accompanied by a personalized and familiar treatment.

To generate leads in their business, Abaden clinics usually seek commercial performance through their website. From there, they seek conversion through informative phone calls, online chat or form submission.

In 2005, Abaden Dentists developed a revolutionary procedure, called Teeth Today Full Arch (TTFA), which allows all teeth to be replaced in a few hours in a minimally invasive procedure. Today, TTFA is Abaden's flagship product due to its effectiveness, speed and convenience.

However, on their website, the landing page where the product was promoted and explained was not very intuitive, not very visual and overloaded with information in the form of text; which scared users away, discouraged them from understanding the product and made it difficult to generate leads.

As a result of these facts, Abaden Dentistas detected that they needed to improve the user experience on their website to increase their commercial performance.

Therefore, they contacted Rocket to implement what would be a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) project that would allow them to obtain a better return on their recruitment campaigns.

Strategy and Objectives

Abaden Dentistas' Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) project sought to increase the conversion to lead ratio through a process of analyzing user behavior and experimenting with A/B tests.

To achieve this, Rocket proposed a strategy that prioritized those pages with the highest volume of traffic, in order to make the project profitable and improve the user experience in those elements with the highest demand. We would experiment with different key functionalities and web designs, identifying those elements of the page that drove conversion, and improve their use and understanding by users.


The methodology used by Rocket in the Abaden case was a research and test & learn method. In this way, we could understand user behavior and propose improvements in the web according to it, oriented to increase the conversion of users to leads.

On the one hand, we analyzed user behavior through quantitative data from digital analytics. This allowed us to detect patterns and elements that correlated with higher conversion.

On the other hand, we conducted a research process with users, to understand their motivations and problems when browsing Abaden's website. We used tools such as Hotjar or qualitative research techniques such as interviews and user tests. As a result, we added qualitative context to the data extracted from the analytics tools.

Once the problems and improvement points were detected, Rocket proposed a series of changes to the user experience and web design, with the aim of improving the site's conversion. We launched these changes as an A/B test to collect performance data from the modified versions and, thus, we were able to understand how these changes affected conversion.


Thanks to the A/B experiment, and the quantitative and qualitative research that preceded it, we obtained a number of high-value insights, including that users favored simpler language, less cluttered content, and less hierarchical information.

The final redesign, the result of the research and A/B testing implemented on the Teeth Today Full Arch (TTFA) site, focused on simplifying elements and increasing graphical elements. This new design resulted in a 98% increase in calls and chat contacts. In addition, contact form submissions increased by 48%.


By combining quantitative and qualitative data on user behavior, it is possible to understand their problems and propose solutions aimed at improving conversion rates.

Rocket demonstrates this with the case of Abaden Dentistas, in which it managed to double the conversion of the Teeth Today Full Arch (TTFA) page through a redesign that focused on simplicity and a better content hierarchy.

Why work with us?

Rocket has a multidisciplinary team, expert in all aspects necessary to carry out Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) projects. With a team with extensive experience in leading companies such as Mango, Stradivarius or Desigual, Rocket adapts to the needs of each client to design a plan focused on improving the conversion rate of the site.

Through digital analytics tools and user research techniques, we understand the usability problems of your website and propose ad hoc solutions based on data.

If you are convinced by these results, and you believe that our team of specialists can help you consolidate or improve the CRO of your business, do not hesitate to contact us!


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