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The importance of the Amazon Brand Store

It would be like creating your own store within Amazon, with the advantage of offering a unique value proposition to buyers, giving them the opportunity to learn more about your products, increase and strengthen brand awareness, or expose your own mission and vision of values.

Why should I have a Brand Store on Amazon?

There are more and more competitors within the Marketplace itself. It is essential to differentiate yourself from the rest and provide the most and best information possible about your products, using all the tools available to not only make the brand known but also to reinforce customer loyalty.

While it is true that within a product page, there is already the possibility of adding rich content (photos, enlarged text, etc. - the so-called A+ pages), this only optimizes the product page. However, the Store is really like a microsite in itself, offering information on the entire catalog and not on a single product.

Creating a global marketing strategy, which includes, among other things, a Brand Store, will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of our brand positioning, and consequently to an improvement in sales.

According to Amazon's own data: Stores with more than 3 pages register 83% more time spent by the buyer and 32% more sales attributed per visitor.

Advantages of creating a Brand Store:

  1. Branding: As mentioned above, the creation of a Brand Store implies the differentiation of a brand, the creation of a "virtual showcase" where to expose all the products, detailed information about them and presentation of the USP.

  2. Versatility and Customization: In terms of design, the platform has its own templates that allow you to customize the menu, images, choose the products to display and how to display them in a multitude of formats. In addition, we can obtain a personalized URL ( and send buyers directly to the Store through it. Another way to access the Store is through the brand byline (the brand name link that appears below or above the product names on the product detail page).

  3. Offers and Promotions: Special offers and discounts can be advertised on any of the pages thanks to specific widgets, making it easy for the user to find deals without having to browse or search a lot within the catalog. It is also possible to display a brand's top sales or personalized recommended products.

  4. Boost advertising campaigns: Having a Brand Store is also very important as a landing page for Sponsored Brand advertising campaigns on the platform. Display advertising campaigns can also drive traffic to your Store or to a subpage of your Store.

  5. Own metrics: The Stores have their own analytics system from which you can obtain a multitude of metrics and very useful data such as the most visited pages, origin of the visits, or sales data from the Store.

  6. Google: The Store is indexed in Google, which can significantly increase traffic to the page from outside Amazon.

Basic requirements to create a Brand Store on Amazon

  1. It is essential to be registered in the Brand Registry. This is also very beneficial as it allows you to protect your brand.

  2. Creating a Brand Store is completely free, it does not require a domain, hosting or SSL.

  3. It's that simple! In addition, the creation of the Store is very easy, as the tool has predefined templates that do not require any web design skills, so increasing brand presence and improving the user experience is more affordable than ever.

Why work with us?

At Rocket Digital we are committed to a 360 Marketplaces service. With our help, you will be able to start this new line of business with the security of having focus on all the important aspects for the success of the line.


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