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4 SEO TIPS to improve your eCommerce organic positioning

17 DECEMBER, 2019

If you have reached this page it is because you most likely have an eCommerce and you want to improve the positioning of your website for the most relevant keywords of your business. Below, I am going to mention the 4 most relevant points to take into account when optimizing your website.

1) Web Architecture

Web architecture is one of the most important points to work from the beginning of an SEO project because it will mark the scalability and the potential of the website to create real traffic expectations. The architecture is useful to work all the keywords that we want to position and cover the user's search intention.

2) Loading Speed or Web Page Performance (WPO)

It is no longer a secret that the loading speed of a website is a positioning factor for Google. It is a relevant factor because it has a direct link with the user experience. A bad user experience on the web can make the difference between a user being able to make a transaction on your website or not.

I leave you this interesting link so you can measure how much money you can earn by improving the loading time of your web page.

3) Content

Content is king. It has always been said and for 2020 content will play an important role when it comes to positioning because if it provides value to the user and covers the search intention of a user, that page will position better than the competition. In order to have a perfect content on your page you must take into account: SERPS results, competition, user's search intention and how we work the entities of our content.

4) Link-building strategy

Penguin is Google's algorithm that measures the quality of the backlinks that reach a web page. Since a couple of years ago with the penalties by this algorithm webmasters are much more careful when creating links, and it is true that a link-building strategy of poor quality can end up hurting a project. ROCKETROI always bets on the quality of the links based on a content strategy that provides value to the user. The selection of these pages is based on having a similar theme to your project, a coherent anchoring work to be able to work the relevant keywords of your project and the speed of link building is essential to work an effective Link-Building strategy.

In short, ROCKETROI always works with the user in mind, we create a strategy focused on the user's search intent always keeping in mind Google's positioning guidelines. If you have an ecommerce and want to improve your organic positioning, ROCKETROI can certainly help you grow.


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