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Amazon A9 Algorithm: Optimize search results for your products

When we talk about Amazon's A9 algorithm we talk about what factors make your products appear higher in Amazon's search results.

These factors will be a conglomerate of purely SEO (organic positioning) actions, as well as sales results and conversion of your products. 

If your product does not appear at the top of the results of this search engine, it is synonymous that this product is not attractive for this algorithm, and therefore you should start the appropriate work to solve this situation.

What parameters does the A9 Algorithm reward?

We must always keep in mind that each Marketplace is a private digital sales ecosystem, with its own rules, and above all being mutable environments based on unilateral decisions of the company.

With this in mind, let's review all the factors that are currently relevant to A9.

Keywords in Amazon

At the dawn of search engines, Keywords were the cornerstone of any organic positioning strategy. When we talk about Keywords, we are talking about those terms that we indicate to the algorithm that it should relate to our product

In Amazon we find two main groups, the Front End Keywords and the Back End Keywords.

  • The Front End Keywords are those that the customer sees, they are the words with which we compose the titles, bullet points or even descriptions

  • The Back End Keywords are those that are hidden and have a specific field in the editable of the product page. 

Having our listings properly nourished with these KWs, but without abusing unusable content in the Front End, will guarantee a correct categorization of our product algorithmically speaking.

Sales on Amazon

When we talk about sales in terms of valuation by A9, we are not only talking about the total volume, but also about the speed of transactions that we are able to achieve. 

If we want to multiply our chances of making sales, a good strategy (nowadays, absolutely necessary) is to advertise.

Click here to discover all the secrets about advertising on Amazon.

Conversion on Amazon

What would you think if a product on your website is visited 1000 times a day, but no sale is ever made?

Surely, as a first option, you will study in depth the product page to find where the error is, either in usability, competitiveness or even a programming error. 

If you still can't find any possible improvement, would you continue sending traffic to that product, or would you make a plan to send those 1000 visits to another product with the objective of making a transaction

You would probably choose the second option. Well, Amazon does the same thing: if a product receives X visits but no transactions, it will inevitably be dropped to the last results offered by Amazon's search engine.

How to improve positioning on Amazon

We have already seen which are the levers that we must take into account for the positioning of products on Amazon. However, at the level of content and status of the product page, we must take into high consideration that the following fields are properly optimized

  1. Keywords Back & Front End

  2. Title 

  3. Bullet Points

  4. Description

  5. Rich Content or A+ Page

  6. Images 

  7. Reviews

  8. Pricing 

  9. Stock

How to sell on Amazon Professionally

We have already seen that you have to take into account a myriad of factors to sell on Amazon in a professional manner. Having a dedicated and respectively specialized team in your multiple areas of work is vital to ensure the success of your project. 

If you are a company and you need a professional vision of the project or outsource Amazon services, click here to schedule a free audit and map out a strategic approach to the success of your accounts. 

Why work with us?

At Rocket Digital we are committed to a 360º Marketplaces service. With our help, you will be able to start this new line of business with the security of being focused on all the important aspects for the success of the line.


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