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Amazon Advertising and the importance of advertising in Marketplaces

To define the importance of advertising on Amazon, we must first remember what the purpose of this advertising is. Many people believe that advertising in Marketplaces serves to sell more: and, to tell the truth, this is not so. 

The increase in sales can occur as a result of the activation of advertising; however, the core of advertising in these ecosystems (and in any digital environment) is to bring your products/pages to prominent positions in the left lane even if your organic positioning is a disaster. 

Having defined the purpose of advertising on marketplaces and focusing on the king of these, let's see how we should approach our advertising strategies on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising Strategies

We will start by defining what we want to achieve: perhaps increase sales, brand awareness, defend against attacks, cross selling, etc. We have an infinite number of possibilities, and depending on what our objective is, we will have to define which KPI's are important

In addition, each strategy will have specific KPI's and the type of advertising modules will also change among the multiple options offered by Amazon.

Advertising on Amazon –  Full Funnel

At Rocket Digital we understand that Marketplaces is a line of business as important as your physical stores or e-commerce itself, so we will always recommend an advertising strategy focused on the entire conversion funnel with specific campaign groups for each stage. Remember that the Conversion Funnel in its simplest version is divided into three stages, Top, Middle & Bottom. However, we extend this division to be able to act with specific advertising actions according to the moment of consideration of the buyer.

Let's see what objectives we will set for each of them:

  1. Awareness (Top Funnel) - Objective: Increase the visibility of our brand and products.

  2. Consideration (Middle Funnel) - Objective: Present our brand and products to audiences that already buy the product typology.

  3. Purchase (Bottom Funnel) - Objective: Brand advocacy and sales in Brand segments with the highest possible profitability.

  4. Loyalty (Bottom Funnel) - Objective: Purchase Recurrence and remain in the customer's Top of Mind.

The importance of content curation in Marketplaces

Have you ever seen a product on Amazon that only had a title, without any further explanation; or products whose images seem to have been made with the camera of the first cell phone that the seller had?

We have, and you must understand that if your product catalog is at this point, we do not recommend you to advertise. In fact, if you are in this situation and want our specialists to help you get the most out of your presence on marketplaces, click here to contact us.

When advertising a product, we are highlighting it over the others, and this action requires an economic investment that will be wasted if what we show is not attractive

Informative, clear and SEO Friendly titles, images and infographics, A+ content and in general a well-designed product page that presents our product as it deserves will be vital for the conversion of our campaigns.

Relationship between Organic Positioning and Amazon Advertising

Perhaps at some point you have asked yourself: does advertising affect the organic positioning of products on Amazon?

Well, to tell you the truth, advertising itself does not. That is, by having a sponsored display banner going around your category page, the SEO of that product will not be affected. However, if that SD campaign produces impressions, clicks and above all conversion (along with the reviews generated), Amazon will reward these successes with improvements in positioning. 

In conclusion: it is vitally important to advertise on Amazon, but always with properly optimized content.

Why work with us?

At Rocket Digital we are committed to a 360º Marketplaces service. With our help, you will be able to start this new line of business with the security of being focused on all the important aspects for the success of the line.


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