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Conversion Attribution Estimation by Organic Keyword

One of the most complicated KPIs to calculate in SEO is the conversion attribution that a keyword has in a business. Almost all calculations we make regarding this KPI are very indicative and often we do not trust the results. From ROCKETROI we want to present a methodology to obtain an estimate of the number of conversions that can provide a keyword according to its position in TOP 10 of Google.

We have divided this article into three main sections, the first two to explain how to apply this methodology:

  1. Calculation of organic traffic by keywords.

  2. Calculation of conversion attribution by organic keyword

In the third section we share with you the template document and how to use it, so you can apply it in your business.

Calculation of organic traffic by keyword

To obtain the traffic we get by keywords we use a spreadsheet that is composed of the following columns:

  1. Keywords

  2. Monthly searches

  3. Current position

  4. Conversion rate

  5. Current traffic

  6. Share of Volume

  7. Transactions (last calculation)

  8. SERPS CTR control chart for TOP 10 results.

As you can see in the screenshot, all those results that are higher than position 10, have no values since the CTR is estimated to be zero.

Before moving on to the next point, we will show you how to extract all the information necessary to complete the document. To do this, we will answer the following questions:

Where do we extract the "Keywords/Monthly Searches/Current Position" columns from? 

There are many ways to obtain this data but in our case we use the Ahrefs tool to obtain the data of a domain. All we have to do is:

  1. Enter the domain in the internal Ahrefs search engine.

  2. Access the "Organic Searches" directory and just below click on "Organic Keywords".

  3. Once we have the table, we export it.

  4. Finally, once we have the exported table in an excel what we have to do is to select the columns of Keywords, position and volume of searches to add in our template.

Once we have all the Ahrefs data imported and implemented in our template, it will automatically make an estimate of the traffic we get from all our keywords positioned in TOP 10.

Where was the CTR taken from to calculate the estimated traffic per keyword?

The source of the CTR data was: where it also allows us to add the CTR by device, sector or country (limited), so we can refine the calculation of traffic and conversion.

The CTR can be very different by country, sector or device. In this case the CTR we have used to make the calculation is for WorldWide, desktop and "all sectors".

Calculation of conversion attribution by keywords

One of the ways we have found to calculate the number of transactions for a keyword is to obtain the organic conversion rate. In this case we add an example value of 2% to make the calculations.

The formula used to obtain the estimated number of transactions is as follows:

Transactions = Current Traffic of a keyword * Conversion Rate

In this case, we could add the Conversion Rate of the specific page where we are working with the keyword to have a more realistic estimate of the conversions it could provide.

Using the template

You can find the link to the template below: LINK

Make your copy

In order to use the template correctly you must make a copy of the document so that you can add your project data securely and confidentially.

Once the copy of the document has been made, you can start to test and even improve the calculations to get better Insights.

In a nutshell

From ROCKETROI we understand that it is very difficult to make a real estimate of conversions attributed to a particular keyword, but through this template you can perform an analysis that provides valuable insights, especially to deduce which keywords have greater potential, and thus be able to prioritize actions.

We hope that the content of this article provides value in your organic positioning strategies, and helps you to translate the effort you are making to improve the SEO of your sites into business data.


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