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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Marketplaces

If you sell on any Marketplace such as Amazon, you will surely have received a notification requiring you to send the EPR number before June 15.

If you haven't got around to it yet, you can find out all the details in this article.

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is a policy whereby producers take responsibility (in this case financially) for the management and recycling treatment of their product and packaging waste in the relevant EU countries upon request. In this case Germany and France. 

This exercise consists of making a report declaring the quantity and type of products that you have sold to the countries in question and the payment of an annual fee to the corresponding entity where you have registered for the management and treatment of post-consumer products of which we speak.

In which countries is EPR mandatory, when does it start and what are the conditions?

Nowadays, to continue selling without restrictions on Marketplaces, they are requiring an EPR number both in Germany and in France. From June 15 it will be mandatory to provide this number to the Marketplace that has requested it if you do not want them to deactivate your listings, as marketplaces have the responsibility to ensure that their partners comply with the regulation.

The application for both countries is done independently in local entities, thus obtaining a different number per country. Below you can see how to apply for the EPR for your company per country.

How to get your EPR number in Germany

As of June 15, an EPR number will be mandatory for packaging and applies to any category of product sold on Marketplaces. When they talk about packaging, they refer to both the primary and the secondary, i.e. the "nice" corporate packaging of our brand and the packaging of the transport company (box, bag...). 

Regarding the product itself that we sell, if it contains electronic components it is also mandatory to have an EPR number for the category. All other categories are exempt. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. If your products belong in the Electronics category, use this link to find information for the registration of your company in EPR (this is only for product registration).

  2. Register the packaging, is independent of the previous one (mandatory for all categories). Use this link to register your company and obtain an EPR number for your packaging.

  3. Once we have the EPR number of the packaging provided by LUCID (2.), you will have to register and provide the number in one of the organizations we provide in this link to obtain the packaging license (authorized recycling scheme). In these companies is where the annual report and payment is made. This step is necessary to complete the EPR process.

Relationship between Organic Positioning and Amazon Advertising

Perhaps at some point you have asked yourself: does advertising affect the organic positioning of products on Amazon?

Well, to tell you the truth, advertising itself does not. That is, by having a sponsored display banner going around your category page, the SEO of that product will not be affected. However, if that SD campaign produces impressions, clicks and above all conversion (along with the reviews generated), Amazon will reward these successes with improvements in positioning. 

In conclusion: it is vitally important to advertise on Amazon, but always with properly optimized content.

How to get your EPR number in France

In the case of France, regarding the EPR of the category, the peculiarity is that the EPR applies to most of the product categories, unlike Germany which only applies to Electronics. Below you will find a table showing the categories for which France obliges to declare its products for waste treatment. Also, as in Germany, the EPR of the packaging is mandatory for all categories.

  1. Check in which categories the company's products apply, and register each of the applicable categories individually, and proceed to register with a Producer Responsibility Organisation (in the table below we provide organizations where to register).

  2. In case no category applies, it is still mandatory to register the Packaging whatever the category is, as in Germany.

To obtain both the EPR number in France, both category and packaging, with a single registration you will have it solved, and you can do it in any of the companies mentioned in the table.

*Responsibilities related to PACKAGING: In France you are responsible for the primary and secondary packaging you have added.

Table extracted from Amazon seller.

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