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Facebook & Instagram 2020: Updates and Trends

If you are planning your online marketing campaigns for 2020, take note of the latest news offered by Facebook and Instagram to advertise. Last October, at the Facebook EMEA Partner Summit event held in London, the trends that were going to be very popular this 2020 in Social Media were already announced. Among them we highlight four - to follow!

Mobile First

According to Facebook, 40% of ecommerce sales are made through mobile. That means, if you are an advertiser and you sell your products online you should first think about optimizing your social ads on mobile. How can you do it?

  1. Adapt the copy taking into account that on mobile devices only allows you to add the primary text and the title. Also, you have less working space, so add the important information in the primary text to hook the user immediately. 

  2. Over 500 millon users use IG Stories every day. In addition, only 20% of advertisers are using stories correctly. This format allows us to show brand experiences and incite viewers to actively participate in it, either through a survey, inviting them to ask questions about your brand or going further as the interactive campaign by Samsung a couple of weeks ago. 

Instagram Checkout

One of the most anticipated 2020 news for advertisers is that Instagram now allows you to buy directly through its app. Esta funcionalidad solo está currently just available in the US but we must be prepared for when it lands in our country.

Users will be able to add a payment method in the settings section of their profile on the platform. We will be able to distinguish items that can be purchased through Instagram because they will feature a distinctive blue "Checkout on Instagram" button so that we can purchase products without leaving the platform. 

Instagram has simplified the purchase process to increase the volume of sales through the application, reducing the number of clicks to conversion. Undoubtedly, this functionality will allow us to increase the conversion rate of publications on Instagram.

Facebook Cross-Border Solutions

Facebook helps you “cross borders” and expand your business internationally with the following tools and resources:

Cross-Border Audiences

This is a similar audiences tool that allows you to reach similar customers to those you already have in other countries. You will only have to provide Facebook with a list of your current customers and they will search for similar users in the country you want to target.

Benchmarks and Case Studies

Discover case studies, webinars and Facebook best practices to find the right customers in new countries. These resources will help you optimize your global Facebook campaign strategy. 

Dynamic Language Optimization

Simplify Facebook ads by using Dynamic language Optimization, this feature allows us to deliver the same ad in multiple languages. Target the ad with the right language to the right person automatically. When contemplating this possibility for our campaign strategy we must first consider the following:

  1. Before opening new markets we must be logistically prepared.

  2. The language of the ad must match the language of the linked landing/website. 

  3. We must have the resources to adequately translate the ads in several languages and be able to respond to users who comment in their native language.

Augmented reality in ads

Facebook is starting to implement ads with augmented reality to allow people to interact with products through the camera.

When the user touches the ad in the mobile news feed, it will open the camera and explain to them how to interact with the product or effect. In addition, these people will be able to take photos or videos and share the experience with their friends on Facebook. This will encourage users to actively participate and generate engagement with the brand.

Augmented reality is an opportunity for brands to offer users a personalized experience through the virtual fitting room. Users will be able to find out if the product suits their needs and purchase it directly online. 

This format has already been tested by some makeup and accessory brands in the USA and will soon arrive in our country. If you want to see how to create your own augmented reality effects, visit the Spark AR Studio page.

If you want a more general overview of the 10 most important trends in the world of digital marketing for 2020, don't miss out on our article about the subject!


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