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Instagram news: Creators, at the center

On July 22nd, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced a series of new features that affect the way content is presented on the platform.

During the last few months, we have been able to observe all the updates and improvements that the platform has carried out, as well as the facilities that are being provided to content creators, with the intention of competing with the rival platform TikTok.

New formats on Instagram

What are the new Instagram surprises? Adam Mosseri announced the following: 

Hello Reels, Goodbye IGTV : From now on, videos will be unified in a single format: the reel. Platforms like IGTV will disappear, and audiovisual content can only be reels. A format that benefits the creator, since its reach and interaction is much greater than a static publication.

Templates for reels: Another highlight are the templates for reels. Now we will have access to upload our own content but with a pre-established structure and dynamics, facilitating some types of video, or simply serving as inspiration. 

Remixes: More opportunity to create new content without the need for design and video editing tools. Effects such as photo next to photo, green screen or adding a video after another video... are already possible from Instagram's own platform. Remember that the algorithm benefits the more content you create from the platform. 

Dual camera: A novelty that seems suspicious of having competitive intentions. BeReal is a new social network that is gradually gaining more followers among the new generations. And it is precisely characterized by its dual camera function.

Content Creators Support

As mentioned above, several platform updates have been announced over the last few months. But what are they? 

Among the new features, we can differentiate those related to formats and content, and those aimed at attracting content creators.

The reels have been the protagonists of this year, and therefore, they have focused part of their improvements on facilitating the experience of creating them. The duration has been increased to 90 seconds, you can import your own audio and add it, and there will be interactive stickers for reels.

These updates are aimed at users who consume and publish without having a profit motive behind it. On the other hand, if we talk about the new features for content creators, Meta's goal is to offer facilities to content creators, so that they can earn money with it, and thus encourage them to stay on Instagram to prevent them from leaving the platform for TikTok.

Among the new features aimed at creators we find:

Creator market place: Branded content is one of the pillars for creators when it comes to obtaining profits through their content. Therefore, there will be a space that will connect brands and creators to promote these opportunities.

Post-crossing from IG to FB: Reels have already arrived on Facebook, and post-crossing intends to allow access to FB's monetization options with its Reels Play program (not yet available in Spain).

Subscriptions: The profiles of content creators will offer the option of subscription and with it, the possibility of accessing premium content to their subscribers: stories, direct, reels, publications, and even being able to be part of a chat with the other members and the content creator in question. Unfortunately, this feature at the moment is only available in the United States. 

Pin posts: Relevant posts can now be pinned to the top of the feed. And thus, highlight the content you are interested in displaying. 

NFTs on Instagram: NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), are unique cryptographic digital assets, unrepeatable works that will always maintain uniqueness. Blockchain technology makes it possible to store these pieces and at the same time, certify ownership. Some creators use such technologies to elaborate their works, and thus have more control and be able to monetize them. NFTs will be able to appear in stories, publications and DMs. Meta's goal is not only to allow creators to display their tokens, but eventually to allow NFTs to be sold and purchased on Instagram's own platform.

Meta is being threatened and in danger of losing its throne. That's why so far this year they are making updates with improvements that are more typical of other social networks. Its focus on reels to gain ground on TikTok and the appearance of the Dual camera before BeReal gains followers, confirms its plan to monopolize the social network market (with the exception of Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube).

As the months go by, we see what we already imagined: Meta wants to centralize it and cover it all. Will its measures be enough to unseat TikTok? Time will tell.


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