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Retail success story: How we increased ORGANIC TRAFFIC by 150% during COVID-19 period

From ROCKETROI we want to share a success story that reflects the importance of flexibility and adaptability of the digital strategy in the face of the great impact that COVID-19 is having on our clients' business. 

In this case we met with a client in the furniture retail sector, where we observed that from the appearance of the state of alarm, their organic traffic started to drop due to the scarcity of search demand for the products.


The graph below shows the evolution of organic traffic once the state of alarm was declared:

Once this situation was detected, ROCKETROI's SEO specialists met with the client's marketing department to brainstorm ideas for new work verticals that would meet the new user search intent. 

The team focused on finding the new needs of their customers and understanding the new buying behaviors in the face of the new and unexpected situation.

In order to carry out this analysis, the following action plan was developed:

  1. Keyword Research and trend analysis of the last weeks. Contribution of inputs of ideas even from businesses outside the furniture sales sector.

  2. Identification of products or services that could fit with the business model of the client and the feasibility of exit at the present time.

  3. Selection of products or services that best fit based on the analysis carried out.

  4. In-depth Keyword Research for each of the selected products or services. 

  5. Creation and validation of specific landings focused on the selected products.

  6. OnPage SEO actions and strategy to enhance the visibility of the landings of these products or services in the eyes of Google.

  7. Improvement of the interlinking to enhance these pages taking advantage of the authority of the home page, and creation of informative content with direct links to the transactional category.

Applying the changes resulting from the action plan, the following results were observed:

A 133% increase in clicks and a 67% increase in impressions were recorded in Google Search Console for the organic search results of the website.

In Google Analytics, a 150% increase in organic traffic was observed as of the week of March 11, 2020.

Additionally, during the analysis carried out in the action plan, an opportunity to generate traffic from a specific product linked to current health needs was detected.

To meet this need, a fully content-optimized page was created with a new product to meet the search intent of the target customer.

This new page was published on March 23rd, and two weeks later it has become the page that receives the most organic traffic, representing 30% of organic traffic to the website, surpassing even the home page.


Usually, when we apply organic positioning strategies, we expect visible results in the medium to long term, since increasing the visibility of branded and non-branded keywords takes time. 

But as we have shown in this article, there are cases in which teamwork between the business and SEO specialists can create opportunities that, if used correctly, can have a very positive impact. 

In this case, we have worked together to find the key products and services that have a relevant demand and a growing search trend, and that can be covered by the company, providing the solution to the current consumer problem.

The key factors of this strategy have been:

  • Coordinated action plan

  • Keyword Research

  • On-page SEO optimization

  • Interlinking

  • Creation of informative vs. transactional content

In summary, the key has been to develop strategies that adapt to the new context, that cover the user's search intention and above all, to provide the information the user needs to solve his problem. If we apply this type of strategies, not only Google will position us, but we will also help current and future clients.

If you would like to discuss with our specialists how they can help you position your business in any situation, contact us!


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