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ROCKETROI wins the contest "Get to Green" by Microsoft Advertising

28 FEBRERO, 2020

A few months ago, our partner Microsoft Advertising invited us to participate in an exclusive contest with the objective of boosting our Microsoft Advertising ROI and at the same time contributing to their mission of sustainability: planting 250,000 trees by July 2020. It is with great pride that we share this news - we have won the Gold Award for Spain!

This means that Microsoft, in partnership with Ecosia, has planted 100 trees on behalf of ROCKETROI and in doing so has supported:

  • The Jane Goodall Institute to reforest wild chimpanzee habitat in Uganda

  • Transforming deserts into forests in Burkina Faso

  • Reforestation in Brazil

In addition, we have won the "Sustainability Champion" badge from Microsoft for our contribution to the cause and our team will be able to take advantage of a total of 2000€ for an eco-friendly experience to get closer to the world of eco-sustainability.

The Contest

The main objective of the contest was to ensure that our clients are one step ahead of the competition with the adoption of the latest Microsoft Advertising features and innovations, such as Audience Targeting, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Auto Bidding and Microsoft Shopping Campaigns.

Being a Microsoft Select Partner, ROCKETROI has exclusive access to beta programs to ensure that our clients' performance is maximized through Microsoft Advertising. Thanks to this opportunity and the dedicated effort to reach the goals we have set for ourselves, the results have not been slow in coming.

We are very grateful to Alba, our Head of QA, and Antonino and Anna, our Account Executive and Account Manager at Microsoft Advertising, for all the help and support in growing our clients to the point of winning the first prize.

There are many opportunities for businesses to reach their audience through Microsoft Advertising. To find out how we can help your business, or to optimize your existing campaigns and how we can improve them, contact us today!


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