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ROCKETROI Rebranding - What, Why and How

13 NOVEMBER, 2019

At the end of May this year, after many meetings, brainstorming sessions, weeks of research, trial and error, we launched ROCKETROI's new brand identity. However, it wasn't until now that we were able to apply our rebranding work to an essential component of our digital presence: our website. So here we are, happy and proud to share some insights into the evolution of the ROCKETROI brand, to explain what's behind our new look and the process that got us here.

A new identity, why?

ROCKETROI is a project that started in 2014 and, since then, has changed a lot. In our beginnings we defined ourselves as a hybrid between technology, marketing services management and performance specialization. However, last year we made a decision: to split the company in order to be able to offer a better service, on the one hand as a SaaS, and on the other hand as a digital agency. From what was our technology came Spaceboost, a digital advertising automation tool, and at the same time began the evolution of ROCKETROI to an integrated digital marketing agency with 360º services.

For this reason we needed a new brand identity, an identity that would reflect this change of vision, mission and direction, as well as represent our core values: passion, nonconformity, transparency and commitment.

Where do we start?

Why did we start? What is our story? What do we stand for? Who is it for? What makes us unique? Where do we want to go?

The process started with a workshop where we applied the design thinking process to the development and definition of our new identity. In this first phase we focused on the three stages "Empathize, Define, Ideate" which served as necessary steps to gather ideas and observations that would be key to lay the foundation for ROCKETROI's new brand identity.

After processing all the information, we redefined our target audience, our why, vision and mission, our brand story, values, features and benefits of working with us. Ultimately, we craft a refreshed version of our USP:

ROCKETROI is the digital partner for disruptive brands that think big. We offer 360° marketing services to power their growth.

Once all of this was clear and we had our basic pillars in place, we could finally get down to work and start prototyping ROCKETROI's new brand identity.


One of the first things we created was our logo. We left the lowercase behind to focus on capital letters. A basic representation that balances geometry and spacing with strength, sophistication and evolution.

We also gave a total makeover to our logo. In this case, a simplified graphic representation of an astronaut's helmet that radiates dynamism as well as innovation, always showing the human side of the company.

But that's not all. The typography, the corporate colors and the tone of communication were missing.

In the first case, regarding the typography, we chose a condensed typography, simple and legible at the same time; combined with another of the same characteristics but without that condensation.

In the second case, we kept blue as one of the priority colors, combined with space black, cosmic grey and galaxy white.

Identity applications

The new identity was ready and now came the best part: applying it to the different formats. Here are some pictures so you can see how it looks like.

What do you think of our new brand? We think it reflects our essence 100%! Thank you Anna and Emilio for making it possible!


Our clients

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