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These are the changes in Google Ads that will force you to rethink your Search Strategy

On February 4, Google announced changes to the phrase and modified broad match types.

Until now, an advertiser using a broad match modifier for the keywords "+servicios +de +de + mudanza +de +de +Madrid +a +a +Barcelona" would appear in the query of a user searching for "moving services from Madrid to Barcelona"; but it could also appear in the case where the user searched for "moving services from Barcelona to Madrid". This, therefore, could generate undesired results for the advertiser.

The updated phrase matching, however, will prevent this type of situation from occurring; respecting the order of the words when it is important for the meaning.

Source: Google Ads

How will the matching behavior change after this update?

Broad match will now analyze additional signals in your account to deliver more relevant searches. These signals include landing pages and keywords in your ad group.

In addition, keyword matching will now be more predictable. An exact match keyword that is identical to the query will always take priority, as long as it is eligible.

On the other hand, phrase matching will be expanded to include additional traffic from broad match modifiers; ending its compatibility with the broad match modifier. It has been observed that the phrase match and broad match modifier often serve the same use cases, and that more suitable customers can be reached by a combination of both.

The update will come in mid-February, when both phrase match and broad match modifier will switch to the new matching behavior. Because this change will occur for both match types, there will be no need to migrate keywords, and advertisers will be able to retain their performance data. 

Marta Sánchez, Digital Consultant at Rocket Digital, gives us her professional opinion on this new change in the Google Ads model: "At this time it is necessary to make a thorough review of the structures to adjust to the new rules of the game. It is necessary to understand what our core business words are and which ones do not bring us so much to be able to regroup them, simplify the accounts and, in cases where it makes sense, leave more freedom to the algorithms. We will probably have a few months of many changes and it is a very good opportunity to take advantage and gain extra market share in those searches that are not so clear through the deep learning of the algorithms that are based on knowing as much as possible about the needs of the users. Fixing or specifying the really important words by simplifying the structure with an aggressive strategy while keeping a part of the campaign with broader keywords to generate volume and new keywords based on perhaps innovative search terms, will be the key to success as long as we have the accounts well prepared with audiences and other adjustments that can help the algorithms. We have a good challenge ahead of us that could be a great opportunity to expand the market for many.

With these new changes, Rocket Digital will face 2021 with more strength than ever, to continue providing the best service to our customers.

If you believe that our team of specialists can help you consolidate or improve the digital strategy of your business, do not hesitate to contact us!


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